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Read What Our Patients Are Saying About the office of Dr. James Turn (formerly HS of Summerville)

Lisa Horan
I did not have an accident, but was looking for a regular chiropractor. The entire  HealthSource of Summerville Staff is everything I was looking for! They make you feel very comfortable and have you in and out of the office ASAP. Highly recommended! 

Kamila Scott
The staff is Amazing!!!! Very friendly and professional atmosphere. I would recommend HealthSource Chiropractor to anyone who is looking for an Awesome Chiropractor. .... Thank You Dr. Turn & Staff for a Great first experience with seeing a Chiropractor!

Indearri Young
Tammy is awesome!!! Dr. Turn is amazing! And the massage therapist does your back so well. Such an amazing staff and inviting office.. I would recommend this location to everyone for an adjustment or any type of chiropractic care.

Terri Johnson
Excellent health care. Dr. Turn and his team are fabulous to work with. I love going here!!

Kyra Wiggins
The staff is so awesome. A very pleasant atmosphere. Always cleans. Dr. Turn and his staff makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I would recommend my family and friends. Thank you,Dr. Turn and staff.😊

Nat Gadsden
I have been treated with the utmost care and courtesy. The staff as a whole is amazing!! I look forward three times a week to my treatments. If you are looking for a professional and relaxing experience as well as great results, look no further than this office and it's staff. I Love it!!

Ernest Akoy
 I have been in constant lower back pain ever since 2008 due to some military activities. I have spent the last 6 weeks working with the team at HealthSource of Summerville and I will tell you not only did I feel welcomed by the administrative staff Mrs. Tammy made it feel as if I were just visiting a friends house and was incredibly professional, compassionate and caring. Dr. Turn took the time in the beginning to explain the problem areas that he would be working on and what the goal was by the end of the 6 weeks I had scheduled. His knowledge of not just the spinal region but of the complete physiological  components and their cooperation made me completely confident that I was in good hands. As a result of the work he did in such a short time I am able to wake out of bed without any major pain issues and I can actually conduct my physical fitness regimen for more than the old 30 minutes before my back told me to quit. As a result I am requesting to more sessions under the care of Dr. Turn and the team out at HealthSource of Summerville, and I would HIGHLY recommend it to the next soldier or civilian who thinks about using a chiropractic team. HOOAH!!

Amber Ancrum
They are all around awesome people.... I'm greeted by name every time I go..... they are also very flexible with scheduling!! No complaints here love them.

Michelle Smith
After being in a horrible car accident, Dr. Turn and his team made my experience all worth it. Not only were they pleasant and professional, they got me back to health! They were very consistent, honest, and the level of knowledge was beyond incredible. I would and will recommend Healthsource of Summerville to anyone I know or don't know. Dr. Turn and his team are all worth it. Trust me! Hope this review helps anyone/everyone!

Matt Bristow
Both myself and my daughter has used Dr. Turnat HealthSource for about 3 years. I highly recommend HealthSource for all of your chiropractic needs.

Gini Tucker
Healthsource is a wonderful facility. Dr. Turn and his staff are always pleasant and professional. They took great care of me and relieved all of my pain!

Jesse Mcgann
Went to HealthSource after an accident and they were a great help. Highly recommend if you hurt and just got out of an accident.  Amazing service and very friendly.

Melissa Cunningham
After months of dealing with SI joint and lower back pain (and seeing my athletic performance decrease by the week)I found myself at Dr. Turns office. I have to admit, I was a little bit more than skeptical that a chiropractor could fix what is typically thought of as an orthopedic issue. However  I was pleasantly surprised to see a dramatic decrease in pain and an increase in athletic performance as the months progressed. I learned that I have a biomechanical issue ( not an athletic injury) that is easily treated with regular adjustments and of course doing my own work at home (strengthening core/hips/gluten,etc). I have scoliosis and a leg length descrepency. I will never have a straight spine but regular adjustments help realign my body and get me feeling great to have a hard week of training. I am by no means an elite runner but I am more than a "hobby jogger", and I've been able to shave not seconds but minutes off of my race times, in all distances (5k-half marathon). I contribute this success in part to Dr. Turn and his staff. The facility is small yet welcoming, and all the staff have shown true southern hospitality. I strongly encourage anyone, including athletes to seek regular adjustments with Dr. Turn. You will be surprised how much better your body feels when it is aligned properly. I walk away after every adjustment feeling so much better than when I walked in. Thank you HealthSource Chiropractic!!!!

Tamsen Villarreal
OMG!!!! The doctor & staff are absolutely amazing & so friendly I would highly recommend anyone to go here.

Robert Nixon
One of the best experiences. The staff here were the most considerate and friendliest of people I've met. Enjoyed my 3 months of treatment. They were able to work with my schedule and here I am now healed up. Thanks HealthSource of Summerville.

Turhonda Osborne
HeathSource of Summerville has changed my narrative on back pain, now instead of constantly complaining about how my back hurts I find myself bragging about how Dr. Turn has me feeling all better. Oh and his assistant Tammy... Awesome!

William Sizemore
Fantastic staff very understanding of my needs.Very clean and friendly had a great experience.

Taja Stewart
Very friendly and welcoming environment. Tammy at the front desk really has an uplifting personality.

Scarlet Solano
Great environment! Tammy at the front desk was great and had the best personality.

Katie Land
This place is fantastic! Very knowledgeable and super friendly! Dr. Turn and Obe are great! I'm only two sessions in and I already feel better! The office is always clean and is also kid friendly! There are also two massage chairs you can sit in while you wait for your doctor. I would recommend this place to anyone suffering from any type of chiropractic pain.  

Tori Riley
I love HealthSource because they are like my family.  We just met but it seems like we known each other for years. Keep up the great work. Love yall!!!!

Kendra Senior
I had a severe sprained back and neck due to a car accident. I didn't try anything on my own to help with the symptoms, I came straight to Dr. Turn. Dr. Turn and the staff were fantastic. He kept adjusting my back and neck. I also received a lot of support. My pain caused me to be unable to clean my home, lift things, or sit at my computer. I had a hard time sleeping too - I was miserable. Now, I feel fantastic and better than I did before. My pain was minimized so much that I get the rest I need and my energy level went up. I would recommend this office because Dr. Turn and his staff are compassionate and very good at what they do. They are very knowledgeable about what they do.   

Mark Magnussen
Excellent service and absolutely the best!

Elizabeth Shook
Dr. Turn and staff are excellent!  My back pain is gone thanks to Dr. Turn. Dr. James Turn, Chiropractic Physician / Back & Neck Pain Relief Care in Summerville